WHO Expects More Human Bird Flu Cases in China

Due to the large amount of contact between humans and chickens in China, the World Heath Organization has said it expects to see more cases.

The World Health Organization says there is a lot of contact between humans and chickens in China. And, it says it would not be surprised to see more scattered human cases of avian flu in China in the future.

WHO spokeswoman, Maria Cheng, says WHO is only notified of human cases of bird flu when people are severely ill. So, she says, it is possible that many mild cases of the disease have not been detected in China, or elsewhere in South Asia.

“We have not detected cases of avian influenza in people in which the virus appears to be changing, which is the most important thing we are looking for,” she said. “It is not so much these trends of numbers going up by a few cases. What we are more interested in is whether or not the virus appears to be changing, whether it is becoming a form that is more transmissible among people. And, so far, we have not seen that. So, we are confident that that has not happened yet.”


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