Liaoning outbreak not contained

An outbreak of bird flu in China’s Liaoning province has not been contained and could become a disaster, according to the Chinese government.

Officials are concerned because of the increasing use of fake or substandard poultry vaccines.

‘Bird flu has not been totally controlled in China and the danger of its spread still exists in some areas,’ the official Xinhua news agency quoted Premier Wen Jiabao as saying during an impromptu tour of the province.

‘Local governments (should) pay attention to the epidemic situation and focus on preventing the disease from jumping to humans.’

More than 6 mln chickens, ducks and geese have been culled in the province since the start of the outbreak, which was officially reported to the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Nov 3.

Eighteen towns in Heishan county have been affected by the epidemic, and the police and military have been called to help in the cull, press reports said.


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  1. Scott Says:

    In the past month there have been 9 outbreaks in China. Which is most startling is that the majority of these outbreaks have occured in the Liaoning provence. Liaoning is not the most densly populated areas but is right up there near the top with between 260-520 persons per sq. mile (chinatravelguide). Even without the 116 people who have been quarantined (AP via China Ag Ministry) the number of outbreaks in densely populated areas should be noted with alarm.

    The Spanish Flu is believed to have first occured in Ft Riley, Kansas in March 1918. This area at the time would have had a population density greater than that of Liaoning today. There would have a very close proximity between human and animals as there is today in eastern China.

    The occurances of reported Bird Flu in humans to date has reportedly come from contact with infected chickens. The Spanish Flu of 1918 and Both the Asian flu (1957) and the Hong Kong flu (1968), which were not as deadly, mutated from pig viruses once the virus made the jump from bird to pig. So far we haven’t seen, or perhaps it has not been discoverd nor reported, a case of bird flu variant in pigs. Perhaps it is this lack of this pig variant that is keeping the virus from making that most feared mutation enabling it to jump from human to human.

  2. kim Says:

    You might want to read this story…

    You might also want to check out WHO website to see how the H5N1 virus has crossed over and infected several species…

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